Finally Art!

2014-02-10 03:27:38 by BeckyRaptor

So now i have Art, aint that nice hmm? just uploading a few so my page wont be so emtpy haha so far i have 2 Characters up, Becky who is a Dinosaur  and Raptor who is an Ex god who's powers have been taken away. i might say more about them, but its late so.... See you all hopefully soon! XD

so yeah

2013-01-18 22:57:56 by BeckyRaptor

i might not post stuff here, i might just use this place to fav and watch stuff.
it has come to my attention that posting here might not be good for me, i hear a bunch of bad things about posting and i dont wanna risk it, so yeah o3o;

Yo yoz

2013-01-18 16:39:14 by BeckyRaptor

im Becky, i dont really know HOW to make animations, but i do plan on getting a Animating program some day and trying!